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Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, and the Demonic Nature of National Health Care

Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, and the Demonic Nature of National Health Care

The world received their first look at the slow, state-ordered death of an infant with the case of Charlie Gard last July.

Charlie Gard died Friday, July 28, 2017, after his life support was turned off while in hospice care in Great Britain. Actually, Charlie was forced to die because the government of a once-good nation said he must.

That “once-good nation,” is the United Kingdom. That nation is now guilty of killing another infant by force. 23-month-old Alfie Evans passed at 2:30am on April 28, 2018. He had been taken off of life support on April 23.

It is infuriating and heartbreaking that the U.K. was once again holding an infant against the will of his parents. An infant they condemned to death.

The Battle for Sovereignty Over Alfie

Alfie’s parents battled the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Britain to be able to take their child out of the hospital for experimental treatment. Alfie had a degenerative neurological condition that the doctors couldn’t even diagnose specifically.

The case was publicized on social media by the parents, and they received a lot of support and offers to help. The most prominent offer came from Pope Francis and an Italian children’s hospital, Bambino Gesu in the Vatican.

39909029870_dedddc1601_mItaly granted the family Italian citizenship to travel there. Alfie’s father, Tom Evans, traveled to Italy and met the Pope. The Pope pleaded with Britain to allow Alfie and his parents to leave and come to Italy.

The U.K. health system was not asked to foot the bill for any of the aid offered to Alfie. It would have all happened through the compassion and generosity of those supporting Alfie’s life. Yet, the answer was still no to the Evans family and a death sentence for Alfie.

The Government Owns The Children

One of the alarming realities highlighted in the Evans case is that the government believes it owns the children of the country. This is because socialized national health care is also the reality there. This allows the state to act with impunity toward Alfie’s parents and their wishes for a child they believed was their child.

This is not the only family in the U.K. which has had this kind of authoritarian rule. The same thing happened last July with Charlie Gard and his parents. A health professor in Britain made an important point about the Gard case which applies equally well here.

UCL health professor, Ian Kennedy, expressed sympathy for the plight of Charlie, but ultimately justified it on the basis that “children do not belong to their parents.”

11357370756_ae597645a1_qTo whom then would children belong? The U.K. has shown that they believe that the real owner of children is the government.

Whenever socialism becomes the ruling philosophy in any part of the government, its leaders insist that the state must be the absolute authority. In other words, the government wants to exercise Godly authority.

The Government Seeks to Be God

Ben Shapiro speaks of what is really at the core of this murderous action in a recent YouTube video. He notes that in the U.K. courts Aflie’s parents were told that they must change their attitude toward the government and healthcare system if there was any chance for Alfie to be taken out of the hospital.

For Alfie to be allowed to go home would require a …change in attitude from the child’s family …toward the medical system holding their child hostage. …this demonstrates once again that this is all about treating the government as God…

Shapiro is absolutely correct. The authorities in the U.K. want to be treated as though they were God. In fact, the U.K. government is actively seeking to be the people’s ‘god.’ For the record, they won’t get there, but the people will suffer terribly while the government tries.

The U.K. health system is merely one avenue through which the state as divinity is promoted. But it is a very important avenue toward complete socialist dominance and self-proclaimed divine status.

7180379371_217ca2c88c_mControl of the nation’s health system and its education system by the state are used to attack the most critical unit of any society, the family. When those parts of society are under complete government control, the government moves toward perceived godhood.

The  Government’s Pursuit of Perceived Godhood

Perceived godhood differs from true Godhood. Perceived godhood means that the government perceives itself as God. Additionally, the people who accept this can be characterized as perceiving or seeing the government as God. There are three ways in which governments can pursue perceived godhood. Each way mimics the attributes of true Godhood.

In theological terms, God is said to have the attributes of Omnipotency, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. That is, God is all-powerful, always present, and all-knowing. Though these terms do not come from the Bible, they accurately reflect biblical teaching about God.

Socialism enacted by government tends to seek these same attributes. However, since they are not, in fact, God, the government only succeeds in mimicking them.

Government is not all-powerful, but it wields more legal power than any other institution. It can exercise and enforce such power with more lethal force than anything else in the human arena.

Government is not always present, but they are getting pretty close. Modern technology has increased their ability exponentially to be almost everywhere. Few people today can find anywhere they can’t be found just because of cell phones.

Government is not all-knowing, but they are trying to be. They have access to almost every piece of knowledge, true or otherwise, that exists today. Moreover, they continue to pursue gathering such knowledge with increasing vigor.

Perceived Godhood Equals Demonic Rule

7683532196_ca3a94e252_mThe inevitable result of a government’s perception that they are God is the creation of a demonic ruling force. Moreover, contrary to leftist claims, good intentions will not result in good government in this scenario. Rather, they will result in tyranny.

History has demonstrated this principle many times. However, never has the destructiveness of such demonic rule been more cleverly packaged than in the rise of Socialism and leftist philosophy in the past century.

The blight of socialist rule proved its demonic character once more in the forced killing of Alfie Evans. The U.K.’s National Health Service said they were doing this for the best interests of the child.

Alder Hey Children’s hospital said Alfie was beyond hope of recovery and they brook no dissent from that position. They are the godlike authority of all things concerning this infant, regardless of the parent’s wishes.

Socialism is always this way even when confined to a single area of government. It claims deistic authority and will not allow anything else to have that authority. Thus, there is no room for God as the ultimate authority in a socialistic government.

Hating God and Loving Death

In fact, this kind of government hates God. This is proven by their actions toward Alfie just as it was proven in the case of Charlie Gard. It is proven whenever a government allows and encourages the innocent to be killed. Nationalized healthcare does precisely that in whatever governmental system it resides.

For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the LORD, but he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death. Proverbs 8:35-36  [ESV]

Alfie and his parents were the victims of officials who serve a government that hates God and loves death. Those officials will not mourn for Alfie. They will not visit his grave and pray over him. His parents will do all of that many times while the devilish machine of socialistic medicine churns out more carnage.

The U.K. has fostered a demonic system that results in devastation, just as is the case with all of the enemies of God. America should take a serious look at its healthcare situation lest it becomes truly demonic as well.

D.T. Osborn


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