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The Long and Short of Cultural Change [Video]

Leftist culture

There is little doubt that Western culture is in desperate straights today. The assault of the Left on multiple fronts pushes hard at the traditions and values that conservatives hold dear and are necessary to the existence of Western civilization itself, and it is no understatement to say that the Left and Right are at war for the soul of the Western world.

Most of the major cultural battlegrounds of the conflict have seen exposure previously in this journal. Everything from ‘climate change‘ to the leftist radicalization of the mainline churches to the ‘transgender rights‘ movement has been covered, commented on and analyzed.

However, what has been lacking is a strategy to defeat the Leftist enemy on a societal level. Therefore, I propose a strategy that addresses the problem much like playing a strategic game such as chess, or military war games.

In these and other similar contests, there are really two games going on at once. One is the ‘short game,’ as I call it.

The ‘short game’ is the game which focuses on the crucial immediate moves needed to position the player for quick defense and battleground victory. The ‘long game’ focuses on a step-by-step approach, blocking the enemy and opening the way to winning the cultural war/game.

The Short Game and the Long Game

Leftist cultureThis idea occurred to me as I was reading an article about why newly declared Democratic presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke needs to be defeated. The author outlined both the ‘short’ and ‘long’ game approach in the political arena.

He cites O’Rourke as a danger because “Beto” comes across as a bit less radical than the other offerings from the loony Left. That may strongly appeal to the middle of the road voter between perceived extremes.

While that may seem a desirable outcome for conservatives in the ‘short game,’ it could easily prove disastrous in the ‘long game.’ It would insulate the people from the inevitable failures of full-fledged Socialism while moving the political needle steadily towards the Left and eventual Socialistic ruin.

Thus, the article argues, we should welcome the wackier Leftist candidates and their ideas being presented in a general election. This is why Mr. O’Rourke poses a danger as a less radical alternative who could ease these ideas into acceptance.

These young people, millennials, will grow out of supporting guaranteed incomes, abolishing fossil fuels, slavery reparations, abolishing planes and cars, eliminating cow farts (and cows), retooling every building in the country for green energy and all the rest of the foolishness offered by Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the gang. But an election that fully exposes that idiocy will let the American people drive that socialist nightmare underground for a generation.

This is an interesting premise, and as far as it goes, it appears solid. That is, as long as the millennial voters behave as the author believes they will.

Moreover, this is a great example of playing the ‘short game’ at the political level. The ‘short game’ counters the immediate threat, “Beto” becoming the nominee, with a move to encourage the insane radicalism of the far Left in order to secure a longer-term victory in the political phase.

Leftist cultureHowever, a big problem is that this premise does not go far enough in the ‘long game.’ The ‘long game’ in this instance only looks at the political gains to be had among millennial voters once they ‘grow out’ of their juvenile leftism.

The true ‘long game’ must go beyond politics and reach the culture, especially the youth. For the Left, politics and culture have become inextricably entangled in their personal lives.

Moreover, winning the ‘long game must’ account for more than the millennial generation. It must envision the state of generations to come and make critical moves to ensure the destruction of the Socialist agenda for the foreseeable future.

Countering the Immediate Threats of the ‘Short Game’

Conservatives today are visibly engaged in countering the aggressive attacks of the Left from multiple angles. However, that has not always been true, and as a result of being late to the game, the Left garnered a substantial head start in the cultural conflict.

For this moment the conservative defense of Western society requires steady and strong vigilance to continue to fight the many challenges the Left has put forth in every area of culture. The cultural line must be held at each point of attack.

This means equipping ourselves through self-education concerning the plans and tactics of the Left. Which means learning many unsavory proposals designed to break through societal norms at every point.

Such self-education is not pleasant, take it from one who knows. You will learn terrible things that are true, and be asked to believe terrible things that aren’t. 

Leftist cultureLearning that there are people who have no qualms about carving up or poisoning babies in the womb is sickening. Moreover, learning that the present push is to assassinate newborns who happen to survive the murderous onslaught is both infuriating and appalling.

This is but a single point of attack in the Leftist scheme to win the culture completely.

There is the immigration invasion which the Left wholeheartedly endorses. This provides them with new supporters and their children who can be easily indoctrinated and recruited for the Socialist Left.

Combine these with other issues the Left is promoting, such as gun restriction and eventual gun elimination, free-market economics destruction through things like the “green new deal,” and the expansion of a centrally controlled national government (which means the elimination of the Constitution) and the immediate task seems overwhelming.

Nonetheless, these issues are where the fight is the most urgent, and being overwhelmed may be the price which must be paid. That being the case, it makes the warrior mindset all the more imperative for conservatives in the fight.

However, winning the frenetic ‘short game’ battles need not be a daunting task, because of a factor the Left disdains. That factor is the power of our LORD to overcome any odds against those who fight for righteous liberty in His name and for His people.

As long as the odds may seem for victory in either the short or long term war for the culture, they are no longer than what David faced when he made this statement as a boy facing the 9-foot giant, Goliath.

This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you down and cut off your head. …that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, and that all this assembly may know that the LORD saves not with sword and spear. For the battle is the LORD’s, and He will give you into our hand. 1 Samuel 17:46-47 [ESV]

The short ‘game’ is the urgent one, and vital to purchase time and pave the way for the lasting generational cultural change to be sought via the ‘long game.’ In part two, we will discuss what it will take to implement the conservative ‘long game,’ and help rescue a beleaguered Western civilization from Leftist devastation.

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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