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D.T. Osborn

I am a retired pastor and freelance writer. I have been married to my bride, Linda, for 34 amazing years. We have two children, a son Thomas, and a daughter Rebecca. I strive to be the best husband, father, writer and servant of my LORD Jesus possible. I write about all kinds of subjects with a continuing interest in religion, politics, science, culture and sports.

    The Cold as Iceland Elimination of Down Syndrome

    In a CBS broadcast and article of last Monday, August 14, 2017, the network extolled the near “disappearance” of Down syndrome babies in Iceland. While this may seem like a laudable feat, the method used to achieve it is truly chilling. In Iceland, they abort virtually every Down syndrome baby. They are not ‘eliminating’ Down syndrome, they are eliminating joy The powers that be in Iceland are not really ‘eliminating’ […]

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    Golf: Justin Thomas Captures PGA Championship for His First Major

    Justin Thomas took the title with a final-round score of 68 and a total of -8 in the PGA Championship on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was Thomas’ first major title. This marked a season where there was a first-time winner of each major in 2017. Kevin Kisner began the final round in the lead at -7. Two players, Hidecki Matsuyama and […]

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    No Good People in Charlottesville

      The talk that is seemingly going all around the world centers on President Trump’s remarks at an unscheduled press conference about the Charlottesville, Virginia rioting last weekend. The remarks in full are not being questioned. Trump stated that there was blame to be attached to both sides of the rioting. That is correct. He also mentioned that the “white supremacists” were there legally, via a permit, while the Antifa/BlackLivesMatter […]

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    Is Masculinity Really “Toxic”?

    The phrase “toxic masculinity” has migrated outside academia and is popping up on social media of late. One must understand the meaning of the phrase to assess whether or not these more public appearances are beneficial to civilized society. In other words, is it a good idea to to declare masculinity “toxic”? What does the phrase even mean? Masculinity Is Evil If the phrase is taken apart, one can obtain […]

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    Charlie Gard Was Forced to Die

    Charlie Gard died Friday, July 28, 2017 after his life support was turned off while in hospice care in Great Britain. Actually, Charlie was forced to die because the government of a once-good nation said he must. A recent article appeared in Newsbusters which sheds some light upon the issues involved in the Charlie Gard case. The article referenced another piece by the U.K.Guardian. The Guardian piece agreed with the […]

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    Charlie Gard’s Fight is Over [updated]

    The parents of terminally-ill infant Charlie Gard have given up their fight to keep him alive.  They say that even if the experimental treatment for Charlie’s condition could be administered, it would come too late.  They now face the most difficult task of any parent in the world. They must wait for their child to die, helpless to do anything about it. This marks the end of a tremendous and […]

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    O.J. Simpson’s “Conflict-free life”

    O.J. Simpson testified he has lived “a conflict-free life” at his parole hearing on July 20, 2017, in Lovelock, NV. He has served nine years of a nine-to-33 year sentence for armed robbery. He was granted parole by a unanimous vote of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners, and is scheduled to be freed October 1, 2017. The self-declaration that Simpson lived “a conflict-free life” is very strange. One wonders […]

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