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Will The Real Racists Please Stand Up?


The recent uproar over a racist tweet by Rosanne Barr has caused the charges of racism against President Trump to be loudly renewed. Additionally, this has once more re-launched the charge that anyone who favors the president in any way is racist. In a recent interview on CNN, activist Michaela Angela Davis answered “yes” when asked if, All the people that voted for Donald Trump are racist? No actual evidence […]

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Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Dangerous? [Video]


In the first article of this series, the question of whether or not Trump Derangement Syndrome is a reality was explored. The conclusion was that it is indeed real and has severely infected the Left. The possibility exists that this infection is also dangerous to the nation as a whole. A Recent Display of Dangerous TDS It is amazing that the leftist media has so recently exhibited confirmation of having […]

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The Flawed Argument for Pro-choice Christianity, Part Two

In part one we examined the claims of people who are pro-choice and also call themselves Christian. The conclusion was that while it is possible to become a Christian and adhere to pro-choice views, it was not possible to remain pro-choice and live consistently as a Christian. Christian Life Is Inconsistent with a Pro-choice View The name “Christian” was first applied to followers of Jesus in Antioch. …For a whole […]

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The Flawed Argument for Pro-Choice Christianity


I was reading a post by one of my favorite┬áChristian bloggers a little while back. As part of her post, she laid out a Christian case for being pro-life. She advocated for the humanity and personhood of a baby in the womb using the example of a baby that had been in the womb for eight months. One of those who commented disagreed with the author’s assessment. The commenter was […]

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Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, and the Demonic Nature of National Health Care

The world received their first look at the slow, state-ordered death of an infant with the case of Charlie Gard last July. Charlie Gard died Friday, July 28, 2017, after his life support was turned off while in hospice care in Great Britain. Actually, Charlie was forced to die because the government of a once-good nation said he must. That “once-good nation,” is the United Kingdom. That nation is now […]

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Leftism and the Modern Church: A Diabolical Alliance, Part 2


In part one of this series, we examined the current influence of the Left’s philosophy and politics upon the modern mainline churches around the world. The key to allowing this pernicious influence into the mainline arena is the fact that the churches allied with leftists all deny the veracity of the Bible. Trusting the Whole Word of God Is Not Optional The greatest evangelist since the apostle Paul, Billy Graham […]

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Leftism and the Modern Church: A Diabolical Alliance


There has been a spate of news over the past few years concerning gatherings of local and denominational church leaders who pray that God would bless Planned Parenthood clinics. Moreover, there have been officials of various churches defending the ‘right’ to abortion on demand. These events have not been greatly publicized in the national media. However, they are perhaps the most overt signs that Leftism has invaded the modern mainstream […]

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