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March Madness Is Upon Us, Thank Goodness!

NCAA March Madness 2019

The 2019 edition of what is my personal favorite sports event is upon us! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is the most enjoyable of team sports playoffs to watch, in my considered opinion. I must admit bias here. Basketball was the only team sport I played on an organized level and was my first love as a youth. I became far more serious and competed on the professional level in […]

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Rewritten History Is the Precursor to Tyranny [Video]

There is a multitude of hot news items blazing across various media outlets at the present time. Everything from the Kavanaugh Flying Senate Circus to the Mueller/Cohen/Trump “news” is being blanketed by ‘objective’ coverage and slanted commentary. However two bits of news were more disturbing to me than any of the rest. One dealt with a purposeful historical error by omission. Ironically, it has already begun to fade from modern […]

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The Greatest Basketball Player Ever Is…

The NBA 2018 Finals has concluded with a Golden State Warriors repeat victory, this time with a sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The talk is of a Warriors’ dynasty now that they have captured 3 out of the last 4 NBA titles. However, there is conversation once again about whether or not LeBron James magnificent playoff performances this year have qualified him to be declared the greatest player ever. Those […]

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2018 “March Madness” Preview and Picks

“March Madness” is upon the land! The amazing annual NCAA Men’s basketball tournament will once again capture the attention of multiple millions of hoops fans across the nation. Here are a few picks and a preview of the action as the 64 tourney teams take to the hardwood on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Teams to Watch The No. 1 seeds in each region for 2018 are Virginia Cavaliers in the […]

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The NFL Is About to Self-Destruct


  The National Football League is about to present its worldwide showcase contest, the 52nd Super Bowl. In the previous 51 games, the Super Bowl has become the most watched single sporting event every year in the United States and around the world. This has benefitted the NFL in incalculable ways. We can measure a large portion of the impact by the money made through the Super Bowl in various ways. […]

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Transgenderism and The Death of Women’s Sports, Part 2

In part one of this series, the new IOC guidelines concerning the participation of trans-athletes were discussed. These guidelines are not rules as such because the IOC did not desire to enforce any kind of limit on the participation of transgendered contestants. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding why the IOC would declare that there would be no sex or gender testing for the Olympics. In the past, the […]

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Transgenderism and the Death of Women’s Sports, Part 1


For most of the month of February 2018, the sports world will be dominated by the Winter Olympic games in South Korea. This Olympics will continue an experiment that began in Rio at the 2016 Summer games. It is an experiment with transgenderism that could well mark the death of women’s sports. The New Olympic “Rules” In January of 2016, the International Olympic Committee announced new rules concerning whether transgendered athletes could […]

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