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The Real Russian Infiltration into America

Rush Limbaugh made a very insightful and brilliant observation on his radio program of February 7, 2017, concerning the supposed Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. While Rush is never short on brilliant observations, this was perhaps a gem even among diamonds. Toward the end of the program Rush responds to a caller about the idea that if the Russians did influence the election, would they not have wanted […]

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The Left’s Notion of ‘Truth’ is Destructive and Dangerous


The recent release of the book “Fire and Fury,” and the inevitable author’s media tour has revealed a very destructive and dangerous notion of “truth” that is driving leftist journalism today. An example of this was expressed by the author in an interview with MSNBC by stating if something “rings true, it is true.” In fact, this notion has been the basis of leftist culture as well as journalism for quite a […]

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The NFL Is About to Self-Destruct


  The National Football League is about to present its worldwide showcase contest, the 52nd Super Bowl. In the previous 51 games, the Super Bowl has become the most watched single sporting event every year in the United States and around the world. This has benefitted the NFL in incalculable ways. We can measure a large portion of the impact by the money made through the Super Bowl in various ways. […]

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Transgenderism and The Death of Women’s Sports, Part 2

In part one of this series, the new IOC guidelines concerning the participation of trans-athletes were discussed. These guidelines are not rules as such because the IOC did not desire to enforce any kind of limit on the participation of transgendered contestants. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding why the IOC would declare that there would be no sex or gender testing for the Olympics. In the past, the […]

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Transgenderism and the Death of Women’s Sports, Part 1


For most of the month of February 2018, the sports world will be dominated by the Winter Olympic games in South Korea. This Olympics will continue an experiment that began in Rio at the 2016 Summer games. It is an experiment with transgenderism that could well mark the death of women’s sports. The New Olympic “Rules” In January of 2016, the International Olympic Committee announced new rules concerning whether transgendered athletes could […]

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CNN’s War With President Trump, 2017 [Video]


CNN has been fighting a declared war against President Trump since before he was inaugurated.  Since it is the end of the first year of this ‘war,’ it seemed appropriate to examine the conflict and give an assessment of which side is currently winning. To determine what ‘winning’ means three areas common to both CNN and the president will be measured. The areas of reach, reputation, and results will be […]

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Eugenics, Euthanasia and The Resuscitation of Evil Against The Disabled

As the year 2017 draws to a close, there will be inevitable reminiscing about the most important stories of the past 12 months. President Trump’s first year will certainly be considered one, if not the number one most important story. Some might rightly claim that 2017 was the year of the “sexual scandals” that exploded in almost every area of the public arena. When one looks beyond the United States, […]

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