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The Left’s War on Science Part 4: Erroneous Economics [Video]


The first three parts of this series dealt with the leftist distortions of climate change, abortion, and transgenderism. Part four examines the Left’s erroneous ideas concerning economics. Economics is not a ‘hard’ science in the same way as physics or mathematics.  However, economics directly affects ordinary people more than most ‘hard’ sciences. That is seen whether one is discussing a wealthy nation, such as the United States, or an impoverished country in the third […]

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The Dangerous New Democratic Socialist Left


  The recent weeks have witnessed the rise of aggressive, uncivil behavior from leftists toward President Trump’s cabinet, staff, and supporters. It has occurred online and in public confrontations. Moreover, it has blossomed into violence and calls for violent behavior by politicians such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters. The Left has also seen the emergence of a Socialist candidate for Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her star has risen via her defeat of […]

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The Abundant Benefits of Trump’s Federal Deregulation [Video]

The most renowned of President Donald Trump’s economic policy successes during his brief tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the United States has been the tax cuts and their results. The recent move to place high trade tariffs on China, among others, is probably the next most noted item. The fact that China has responded by offers to open its markets more to imports from other nations makes this […]

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