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Trump Confounds the Left and They Just Don’t Get It [Video]

Trump vs. Antifa

In the first half of President Trump’s first term, political and cultural turmoil has seemed the norm. The consensus of opinion is that America is a ‘divided country.’ One can read that phrase in every news outlet from Left to Right these days. However, far fewer would agree about the reason for the hostilities. The conservative would say the Left’s juvenile and violent behavior is the reason. The Left would […]

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The Vacuous, Vicious, Vitriol of the Left, Part 1: The Leftmedia [Video]

Trump and Leftmedia

Since the election of Donald Trump, a free-flow of unhindered vitriol has continued to spew from the Left. The lion’s share of contemptable critique originates with the Leftmedia pundits who pose as journalists. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of Leftmedia vitriol. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, vitriol is defined as: violent hate and anger expressed through severe criticism. The majority of the “news” media in America […]

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Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Dangerous? [Video]


In the first article of this series, the question of whether or not Trump Derangement Syndrome is a reality was explored. The conclusion was that it is indeed real and has severely infected the Left. The possibility exists that this infection is also dangerous to the nation as a whole. A Recent Display of Dangerous TDS It is amazing that the leftist media has so recently exhibited confirmation of having […]

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Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Real?

There has been a multitude of comments on conservative media for awhile accusing the Left of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” When this was first brought forth it was meant in a somewhat humorous manner. Conservative commentators used the term to mock leftist politicians and media types. However, the behavior of said leftists in recent months the idea of TDS possibly being a real condition is being seriously considered. Perhaps the […]

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The Left’s Notion of ‘Truth’ is Destructive and Dangerous


The recent release of the book “Fire and Fury,” and the inevitable author’s media tour has revealed a very destructive and dangerous notion of “truth” that is driving leftist journalism today. An example of this was expressed by the author in an interview with MSNBC by stating if something “rings true, it is true.” In fact, this notion has been the basis of leftist culture as well as journalism for quite a […]

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Liebster Award Nomination

I have been honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Emeka Ofili. Thanks for the nomination my brother. It is a privilege to be recognized by you, and I encourage all who read this to visit your blog. Rules for the Liebster Award Here are the rules for the Liebster Award 1. Write a post showing your award. 2. Thank the blogger who nominated you, by mentioning them and […]

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