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Rewritten History Is the Precursor to Tyranny [Video]

There is a multitude of hot news items blazing across various media outlets at the present time. Everything from the Kavanaugh Flying Senate Circus to the Mueller/Cohen/Trump “news” is being blanketed by ‘objective’ coverage and slanted commentary. However two bits of news were more disturbing to me than any of the rest. One dealt with a purposeful historical error by omission. Ironically, it has already begun to fade from modern […]

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The NFL Is About to Self-Destruct


  The National Football League is about to present its worldwide showcase contest, the 52nd Super Bowl. In the previous 51 games, the Super Bowl has become the most watched single sporting event every year in the United States and around the world. This has benefitted the NFL in incalculable¬†ways. We can measure a large portion of the impact by the money made through the Super Bowl in various ways. […]

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