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Charlie Gard Was Forced to Die

Charlie Gard died Friday, July 28, 2017 after his life support was turned off while in hospice care in Great Britain. Actually, Charlie was forced to die because the government of a once-good nation said he must. A recent article appeared in Newsbusters which sheds some light upon the issues involved in the Charlie Gard case. The article referenced another piece by the U.K.Guardian. The Guardian piece agreed with the […]

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Charlie Gard’s Fight is Over [updated]

The parents of terminally-ill infant Charlie Gard have given up their fight to keep him alive. ¬†They say that even if the experimental treatment for Charlie’s condition could be administered, it would come too late. ¬†They now face the most difficult task of any parent in the world. They must wait for their child to die, helpless to do anything about it. This marks the end of a tremendous and […]

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