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The Vacuous, Vicious, Vitriol of the Left, Part 1: The Leftmedia [Video]

Trump and Leftmedia

Since the election of Donald Trump, a free-flow of unhindered vitriol has continued to spew from the Left. The lion’s share of contemptable critique originates with the Leftmedia pundits who pose as journalists. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of Leftmedia vitriol. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, vitriol is defined as: violent hate and anger expressed through severe criticism. The majority of the “news” media in America […]

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The Leftist Border Policy Infects the National Association of Evangelicals and Then Some


Part one of this series showed the lying and hypocrisy by the Left concerning the enforcement of illegal immigration laws. It also noted that the National Association of Evangelicals has chosen to join in the criticism by the Left. However, the NAE is not the only Christian organization which agrees with the critique. The largest Protestant church denomination in the country and a sizeable group of Catholic Bishops forcefully concur. […]

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